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Web site history: my first personal web site (1996-1999)

I published a personal web site for the first time in January 1996, subscribing, for a small fee for this service (no free hosting available at the time). The web site had few simple html pages, the most important page was my resume!. These pages had the following features:

  • manually written html
  • the background was grey as it was the common that days
  • few kbytes of images to have nice and fast to download pages
  • on the upper left of the home page I had a smiling picture of myself that was shot at the first birthday of my first daughter, on the top right another picture, scanned from a newsmagazine, with a tattoed arm with the motto Born to Network
  • the home page started with the words “I’am a (relatively) young Electronic Engineer with almost ten years of experience …”. I was 34 years old at the time.

An image of that web site is available. I think it was professionally looking at that time.

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