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Posta che rifiutiamo considerandola Spam

English version here
Nel corso del mese di dicembre 2006 abbiamo provveduto ad installare un nuovo filtro per bloccare le email indesiderate (“spam”) e le email contenenti virus o files potenzialmente pericolosi per la sicurezza della nostra rete.
Le emails possono essere bloccate per le seguenti ragioni:

  1. il server che ci invia posta per conto del mittente è stato incluso in una lista nera (black list) di server usati dagli spammers. In questo caso l’errore ritornato al mittente &egrave: “554 Rejected as spam x.x.x.x
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Emails that we reject as spam

Italian version here
In December 2006 we installed a new anti-spam/anti-virus email filter.
Emails can be blocked for the following reasons:

  1. the sender’s email server has been included in a blacklist of known spammers. In this case the error returned to the server is “554 Rejected as spam x.x.x.x found in” or “554 Rejected as spam see:” where “x.x.x.x” is the sender’s server IP address.
    This means that this server has been included in one of the two blacklists that I am using.
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Welcome to Valerio Di Giampietro’s personal web site and blog

I’m an Electronic Engineer with almost 20 years of experience in the field of IT management, Network and Unix System Administration, Telecommunications and Digital Electronics.
In this modest web site you will find:

  • In the Linux & AS/400 page you will find articles and scripts that I wrote and used to download and convert AS/400 database files and other related informations.
  • In the I and Linux page you will find information on my early involvement with Linux (since 1993).
  • Essential and suggested Freeware Unix Programs on my toolbox.
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Web site history: my second personal web site (1999-2005)

In 1999 I registered the domain, switched my hosting company to and revamped my website. At the time dynamic content was not so popular and very few hosting companies supported dynamic content in their cheapest hosting offerings; Microsoft FrontPage was popular but I disliked it. After a bit of research I found a good solution in WML (Website Meta Language) an html scripting language that easily allowed the generation of a static web site with a consistent look & feel and navigation bar.… Read the rest

Web site history: my first personal web site (1996-1999)

I published a personal web site for the first time in January 1996, subscribing, for a small fee for this service (no free hosting available at the time). The web site had few simple html pages, the most important page was my resume!. These pages had the following features:

  • manually written html
  • the background was grey as it was the common that days
  • few kbytes of images to have nice and fast to download pages
  • on the upper left of the home page I had a smiling picture of myself that was shot at the first birthday of my first daughter, on the top right another picture, scanned from a newsmagazine, with a tattoed arm with the motto Born to Network
  • the home page started with the words “I’am a (relatively) young Electronic Engineer with almost ten years of experience …”.
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