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Tools for Unix System Administrators

This is an uncomplete list of freeware Unix programs I have used for about ten years and that I continue to recommend with the same entusiasm I had when I installed them for the first time on Sun Solaris and SunOs machines.

Perl my preferred programming and scripting language

Perl is designed to make the easy jobs easy, without making the hard jobs impossible. Perl is a language for powerful text processing, filesystem manipulation, process management, database administration, client-server programming, secure programming, web-based information management and even for object-oriented programming; it was designed to be a glue language from the start.… Read the rest

Freeware Unix Programs I can’t live without

I can’t feel at home without some good free Unix software. All the software listed here is used by myself and is an integral part of my Unix workplace. (This never finished list was compiled about 10 years ago when Linux workstations and servers were not so common and I worked mainly on Sun/Solaris and IBM/Aix workstations and servers).

Emacs the best Text Editor

It has everything: from language specific modes (for C, C++, Perl, Sgml etc.) to complete programmability. Without it I feel like a stranger, so, usually it is the second software I install on a new workstation (if automounting /usr/local is not an option).… Read the rest