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Hacktivity 2020 OnLine – IT Security Festival

I did a presentation, on 9th of October 2020, at the Hacktivity 2020 OnLine – IT Security Festival about “Hacking the Hacktivity 2019 Badge: How To Brick The Device And Resurrect it With Another Soul”.
Here you can find:

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Linux/AS400: download and convert database files from ebcdic to ascii and excel

I was involved in trasferring data from an AS/400 and to do a minimal datawarehouse, loading that data on an Oracle database. The datawarehouse system was my responsability, the AS/400 was managed by another group located in another city. The AS400 database had packed and zoned fields.
At that time I had been involved in Unix and TC/IP administration and configuration since 1992. However I never worked in an AS/400 or IBM Host environment, this means that I knew something about Network and Unix, but I knew almost nothing about the AS/400.… Read the rest