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Hack in Paris 2019 – Cyber Security Conference

I did a presentation at the Hack in Paris 2019 – Cyber Security Conference on 19th June 2019 about “Introduction to IoT Reverse Engineering with an example on a home router”.

Here you can find:


GitHub repositories related to the Home Router Example

  • adbtools2: tools for hacking ADB Epicentro routers (the example home router), including firmware modification kit and VOIP password recovery;
  • Buildroot-armv7: a set of scripts, configuration files and Buildroot external tree to setup a Qemu emulation environment to run and reverse engineer the Netgear DVA 5592 executables. This environment uses Docker, Buildroot and Qemu to emulate a board with an ARMv7 Cortex A9 processor, Linux kernel 3.4.11-rt19, uClibc, and old versions of other libraries.

Reverse engineering and physical disassembly

  • Introduction to reverse engineering, Mike Anderson, Embedded Linux Conference 2018, slides and video;

Recommended Books

  • Chris Simmonds – Mastering Embedded Linux Programming – Second Edition – Packt Publishing 2017;
  • Norman Matloff , Peter Jay Salzman – The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD and Eclipse – NO STARCH PRESS 2008;

Hardware tools

JTAG and UART interfaces


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