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Freeware Unix Programs I can’t live without

I can’t feel at home without some good free Unix software. All the software listed here is used by myself and is an integral part of my Unix workplace. (This never finished list was compiled about 10 years ago when Linux workstations and servers were not so common and I worked mainly on Sun/Solaris and IBM/Aix workstations and servers).

Emacs the best Text Editor

It has everything: from language specific modes (for C, C++, Perl, Sgml etc.) to complete programmability. Without it I feel like a stranger, so, usually it is the second software I install on a new workstation (if automounting /usr/local is not an option).

Bash the Bourne Again Shell

The best shell in the world. This is the first software I install on a new workstation. Without it’s filename completion and it’s easily editable history mechanism I can’t feel at home.

Elm the Electronic Mail reader

It’s interface is text only and a bit outdated, it’s not easy to MIME attach files to e-mails, but I am using it since 1989 and only in last years I found in Mutt a valid alternative.

One response to “Freeware Unix Programs I can’t live without”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ciao Valerio
    prima di tutto complimenti per il sito è eccezionale!
    Per passare all’argomento del post ai ragione questi software sono eccezionali.
    Vorrei solo precisare che il termine freeware non si addice a tali strumenti rilasciati con la GPL, dovrebbero essere indicati piu’ correttamente come Free Software,
    vedi infatti

    Salutissimi Roberto

    P.S. Speriamo di rivederci presto.

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