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My first Netscape

At the time it wasn’t possible (at least in Italy) to legitimely have an internet connection from home. At the end of 1993 i signed my first subscription to Galactica, it was a BBS with telnet, ftp access and usenet newsgroups imported as Fidonet Areas. It was funny to have internet access from home, but wasn’t possible to use Mosaic.
To navigate on the web i waited until the first months of 1994 when a provider with full SLIP internet access was born here in Italy; it was Inrete in Turin.
The first programs I used to navigate were lynx and Mosaic; I really impressed my friends with my linux system and Mosaic.
In the Fall of 1994 I discovered Netscape and its ability to display a page before it was fully loaded; immediately the perceived speed increased dramatically.

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