Valerio Di Giampietro

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Web site history: my second personal web site (1999-2005)

In 1999 I registered the domain, switched my hosting company to and revamped my website. At the time dynamic content was not so popular and very few hosting companies supported dynamic content in their cheapest hosting offerings; Microsoft FrontPage was popular but I disliked it. After a bit of research I found a good solution in WML (Website Meta Language) an html scripting language that easily allowed the generation of a static web site with a consistent look & feel and navigation bar.
This new website had the following features:

  • the same picture of myself of the previous website, but manipulated with The Gimp to remove the background and create a shadow effect
  • titles and navigation menu with text generated with The Gimp
  • a simple style sheet to control layout
  • again I put the words I’am a (relatively) young Electronic Engineer with almost 13 years of experience …”, each year I incremented this value, but I didn’t remove the young word

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