Valerio Di Giampietro

Personal Web Site

This is my personal Web Site, here you will find some IT related information based on my experience. I’m an Italian Electronic Engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of IT management, Network and Unix System Administration, Telecommunications and Digital Electronics.

My technical bookshelf

I think good books are the most important thing to put in your own professional toolbox.
All the books listed here are my own books, often buyed after suggestions by someone in the online community. Unfortunately part of the books listed here are a bit outdated.

Unix books for power users

Unix Power Tools by Jerry Peek, Tim O’Reilly and Mike Loukides – O’Reilly and Associates 1993
A very good book where a user can learn how to become a truly power user; you can find here anything from organizing your directory, to using shell scripts, find, awk and tons of others interesting things.
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A Short Introduction of myself

I am an IT Infrastructure Manager in a big automotive manufacturing company.
I have a very strong technical background in Unix Administration (mainly Solaris), Linux, Oracle, LAN, WAN and Internet/Intranet technology including Cisco routers, Apache web server, CGI scripting with Perl, MySQL, PHP etc.
I was involved in Unix Administration since 1989 and in Internet technology since 1992. I installed Linux on my home PC in 1993, ran a Linux Based BBS in 1994, introduced the first Linux server in my Company in 1999.… Read the rest

Web site history: my second personal web site (1999-2005)

In 1999 I registered the domain, switched my hosting company to and revamped my website. At the time dynamic content was not so popular and very few hosting companies supported dynamic content in their cheapest hosting offerings; Microsoft FrontPage was popular but I disliked it. After a bit of research I found a good solution in WML (Website Meta Language) an html scripting language that easily allowed the generation of a static web site with a consistent look & feel and navigation bar.… Read the rest

My first personal web site in 1996

On the upper left a smiling picture of myself shot on the first birthday of my first daughter, on the upper right a tattoed arm with the motto “Born to Network”.
The resume icon was grabbed from somewhere on the Internet, the book icon was grabbed from the Amazon web site, the other icons came from an icon collection for Unix X/Windows system.… Read the rest

Web site history: my first personal web site (1996-1999)

I published a personal web site for the first time in January 1996, subscribing, for a small fee for this service (no free hosting available at the time). The web site had few simple html pages, the most important page was my resume!. These pages had the following features:

  • manually written html
  • the background was grey as it was the common that days
  • few kbytes of images to have nice and fast to download pages
  • on the upper left of the home page I had a smiling picture of myself that was shot at the first birthday of my first daughter, on the top right another picture, scanned from a newsmagazine, with a tattoed arm with the motto Born to Network
  • the home page started with the words “I’am a (relatively) young Electronic Engineer with almost ten years of experience …”.
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